Some exciting developments are taking shape here in Guyana with Power to Change Guyana.


We have completed documenting 29 personal testimonies from across the country. Louis and Rayan Block from SGT have been with us for about eleven days. Tim Carlton spent four weeks while Andy Gallun, left last week after completing seven weeks in Guyana. Andy is currently editing the testimonies and will be having the first 6, for the first week from October 18th. The personal testimony is a very powerful tool that the lay people can use to attest to the power of Christ to transform lives. According to Revelation 12:11, the personal testimony is a Spiritual Warfare armament which has been given to the believer by the grace of Christ through the born again experience. It is the believer's personal experience and cannot be challenged.


The materials are all now in Guyana: 50 Banners (for posting across the country) 160,000 flyers (to be distributed across the country) 15,000 Power to Change booklets (which would be used for follow up training for converts). Given the hassle and sometimes administrative bottlenecks to get things out of Customs, we thank the Lord that we are now in possession of the materials and that we have them in Guyana well ahead of time.


In a week from now, about the first week in October, we will begin training of the believers from participating local churches across the country. We are expected to train over 1,000 believers on how to disciple converts using the PTCG booklet.

Also we will conduct training for 150 believers for the Call Centre Operation. The Call Centre will be in operation 24/7 for one month, beginning from the 18th October. 20 calls can be responded to at a time. The believers will be trained on how to handle telephone calls, share the gospel, pray for callers and direct them to a local church. The local church believers, who are trained, will then pick it up from there TO DISCIPLE THE CONVERTS.


One week before the campaign begins, there will be a massive prayer walk by 168 participating churches, each in their respective communities, 50 banners will be hung at strategic points in the country, and 160,000 flyers will be distributed throughout the country alerting people to the campaign. There will be newspaper ads, radio ads and TV ads on a massive scale announcing the campaign.


PTCG needs your prayers badly for every aspect of this campaign. A million and one things can go wrong if we are not on alert, careful and diligent about the work.

Tim Carlton had his computer fried, with much of the work we have done already lost. My car was broken into and I have lost all the hard copies of PTCG information. My briefcase was stolen. All the contract documents with the TV station, Cash, external hard drive and other personal stuff gone. Please pray that the Lord will protect the work Andy is doing at the moment, editing, producing the DVDs and then having to ship them to Guyana.

Praise Note: Andy's computer and external hard drive with all the testimonies and all the footage and photos that we have taken, was in its case and just next to my bag. We praise the Lord that his case was saved or else we would have had to postpone PTCG and do it all over again.

  • Please pray for finance (We are in need of about 16,000 USD).

  • The shipment of the final copies (DVDs) of the testimonies back to Guyana. The Lord will protect it along the way.

  • TV People will honor their contract. Stick to the airtime we agreed on.

  • Guyanese will come into relation with Jesus.

  • Please check PTCG Website for pictures as we worked in the fields

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